Morgan and Jack

hand oainted and embroidered tuxedo cat doll, wearing a donkey jacket and a yellow jumper.

Morgan is a Tuxedo kitty made from calico cotton, which is hand-painted and hand-embroidered. They’re wearing jersey-knit trousers and a jumper made from repurposed fabrics.
Morgan also wears a wool felt pea-coat with functional buttons and velveteen boots. these clothes are non-removable, but Morgan also has a hand-knitted hat and a linen apron- this fastens with a button at the back and can be removed so you can button up the coat.
Morgan has a little Jackdaw friend, called Jack. He is also made from calico, hand painted and embroidered. He lives in the apron pocket or anywhere he likes, so long as it’s with his friend Morgan.

14″ (approx) doll
spot clean only
Original art doll handmade by Pinkyminkymakes, each one is unique.
Each PinkyMinky doll bears a signature heart and star on their forepaws.

This doll is sold. To see dolls that are available to buy, please visit my shop.

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