Minkie Dinkie Flower Kitty dolls

Minkie-Dinkie fluffy and smooth plush kitten dolls. Wool-felt eyes and a sweet little embroidered face. Each doll is wearing a flower bonnet made from cotton fabric and wool felt, edged in blanket stitch, and fastened with a velvet ribbon.

8-9″ plush cat doll (excluding hat), stuffed with wool roving.
Clothes can be carefully removed.

Each PinkyMinky doll is handmade and original. They are one-of-a-kind sweeties made for love, cuddles, gentle play and for display. They are handmade with the greatest of care.
Minnie Dinkies are recommended only for children over the age of 3.

Each PinkyMinky doll has a heart embroidered on one paw and a star on the other.

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