Forest Fauns and Fruits!

set of dolls with fnacy hats sitting on a shelf

Cat doll in goat costume

Hamish is a brave little faun-kitty. He is an expert climber with his little hooves. His special bonnet has gently pose-able horns.

14″ cat doll (excluding hat), stuffed with wool roving.
Clothes can be carefully removed. Boots are stitched on.

cat doll in a fawn costume

Capella is a bold little faun – kitty. She loves to go for long walks with her little hooves clip-clopping down the lane. Her special bonnet has gently pose-able horns.

cat doll in a goat costume

Billie is a cheeky little faun-kitty. She can get a little grumpy if she doesn’t get her own way and will stomp her little hooves, but she does not bear a grudge. Her special bonnet has gently pose-able horns.

cat doll in a pumpkin hat

Sugar-Pie is a gentle soul. She is dressed prettily in her striped romper, arran cardigan and green felt shoes. Her pumpkin bonnet is embellished with glass beads for a little sparkle.

Apple is an expert climber. She loves sitting in the branches of her favourite apple tree, singing along with her best friend, Strudel.
She has put on her best double gauze Romper, with its baggy pants and hand-covered buttons, and feels very cosy indeed in her wool-felt apple bonnet. She has pulled on her (slightly worn-out) big-girl boots and is ready for adventure.
Strudel is stitched from wool felt and hand embroidered.

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