Woodland Fawn Kitty dolls

These dolls were a joy to make. They were one of those sets of dolls you imagine clearly before you even start making. We had just been to one of those vast quilt shows, and my daughter spotted this beautiful autumn-themed fabric from Makower. I knew it was the perfect fit for the fawns I had been picturing in my head.

The first of the fawns and other friends.

Oh Hazel, where have you been? Playing in the oak tree again, no doubt!

Hazel is an orange-coloured Fawn-kitty doll. She loves to listen to the trees and play amongst the falling leaves. Her folksy clothes are made from vintage trims and repurposed fabrics; she has comfy old brown boots and a cardigan made from stocking yarn. Hazel may be naughty, but she is fiercely loyal to her friends and will never disappoint you.

14″ cat doll (excluding hat), stuffed with wool roving.
Clothes can be carefully removed.
The hat is made from wool felt with cotton lining for the ears and the horns. The horns are wired with aluminium armature wire, making them poseable.
The embroidery on this set of dolls has added sparkle.

Willow is a shy purple Fawn-kitty doll. She loves to watch the Autumn rain from the comfort of home, all cosy in her jersey knit socks, Arran wool cardigan and Japanese linen playsuit the colour of the evening sun. She would love a friend to keep her company, and maybe read to her from your favourite book.

Raine is an impish turquoise Fawn-kitty doll. She loves to dance through the dew-tipped grass in her stocking feet. She prefers to travel light with her Arran knit cardigan and playsuit made from Japanese linen. Raine would love a friend to join her on wanderings and adventures.

Jura is a sweet blue Fawn-kitty doll dressed up for an autumn forage. She is a folksy doll with a repurposed linen smock, a deep red cotton wrap dress, a snuggly merino wool cardigan, and comfortable jersey knit leggings. Her sturdy boots are made from velveteen. She often comes home with acorns or beechnuts gathered in her skirt and would love a friend to help her carry them.

Maple fears the cold. She is an orange-coloured kitty doll who has bundled herself up in her hand-knit bunny balaclava, ready for the weather to turn. Her cotton romper is adorned with the flowers and leaves of autumn, and she would dearly like a friend to keep her safe and warm.

Bronwyn is a sweet blue kitty doll. Her heart sings for the fading blooms of summer as the seasons change. She has a soft crown of flowers and a pretty playsuit covered in cottage blooms. Her cardigan is soft as down and powder blue. She loves to keep your secrets and will be a constant companion through changing times.

14″ cat dolls (excluding hats) stuffed with wool roving.
Clothes can be carefully removed.
The crown is made from handmade wool felt flowers and various trim pieces, gently stitched in place on her head..you can carefully unpick the stay stitches if you wish. Fawn kitty dolls have poseable horns.

Each of Pinkyminky’s dolls is one of a kind. They are made with care and skill for display, gentle play, and a lifetime of love.

Genuine Pinkyminky dolls are hand embroidered with a heart on one paw and a star on the other.
They have a unique tag with their name and date of adoption handwritten by Pinkyminky.
Spot clean only.

These dolls are sold. To see dolls available to purchase, please visit my shop.

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