cloth panda cat doll sits on a shelf.

Rollie is a sweet 14″ Pandakitty with painted and hand-embroidered features in coloured threads. Their head and body are made from cream calico cotton.

Rollie has a removable playsuit made from black, grey and white woven double gauze cotton, embellished with grey Stephanoise pompom trim and handmade rosettes.

The panda hat is made from wool felt, and faux fur edged with a fine blanket stitch and fastened with a faux pearl button.

Rollie has soft beeswax blush on their cheeks.

Pinkyminky’s dolls have a signature heart and star embroidered on their paws.

Each of Pinkyminky’s dolls is handmade, original, and one of a kind.

They are stuffed with soft wool roving.

This doll is sold. To see dolls that are available to buy, please visit my shop.

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